Window Seal for Mobile Air Cons: How to choose the best size - Model #AL003

Selecting the best window seal size for your window is super easy. 

Simply follow these steps:

1️⃣ For single casement windows (pic A): Measure the 4 sides of your window.
     For double casement windows (pic B): Measure the 4 sides of one single panel - this part is where the product will be actually installed.


2️⃣ Then, choose the size which is closest to your perimeter:

 Size of your window/panel Window seal to buy
Up to 320cm/126'' 300CM
Between 320cm/126'' and 420cm/165'' 400CM
Between 420cm/165'' and 520cm/204'' 500CM
Between 520cm/204'' and 580/228'' 560CM


If you are in doubt between 2 sizes, select the bigger one.

👉A small note about some outwards opening windows and tilt windows

If you have a window that opens like the ones in the pictures below or you notice that there's a gap left next to the hinge side once the panel is open, make sure to select a window seal size that is bigger OR as big as your window so that your window seal can cover all the 4 sides of your window completely to avoid any air flowing back to your room.  

If you need further assistance in selecting the best size for your window or door, do not hesitate to contact us by email!

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