How to Remove your Window Seal

Once the weather turns chilly, it's time to get rid of your portable A/C so you're ready to store your window seal for the next season. 

With the velcro system and the reusable ties, this operation is super easy!

You can easily unlock the tie and unzip the zipper to release the hose of your A/C. Then, simply detach the whole sealing cloth from your window. Fold the sealing cloth and store it with the reusable ties in its original sealable bag. 

What about the velcro strip? 🤔

We suggest that you don't remove the velcro from your window frame and casement so that you can have it there ready for next summer. The velcro doesn't affect the functionality of your window if installed correctly, so there's no real need to take it off. 

How to take off the velcro from your window

But, if you want to detach it anyway, make sure to follow these simple steps:

  1. Warm up the velcro using a hairdryer
  2. Remove the velcro, peeling the strip carefully
  3. Clean any glue residue using rubbing alcohol

Make sure not to use sharp tools to scratch off the velcro or the glue - it's extremely dangerous and you risk to damage your window forever!

Please keep in mind that once removed, the velcro cannot be used anymore, so you need to buy a new velcro roll to install your window seal the next season.

Wondering where to buy a new velcro roll? 🤔

HOOMEE sells its official velcro roll replacement! You can find it on Amazon only. 😊