How to Get Rid of Unpleasant Smell at Home

odour fridge

Ever opened your home door and been greeted by unpleasant smell? Sometimes opening windows go so far from eliminating bad odours.

It can happen, especially in winter, when windows remain closed more often and the odours remain in the rooms for a long time. Even if the humidity gives it a little push - the smell of mould can ruin home air and the health of your family! This is a problem that needs to be solved as soon as possible, but without using expensive and polluting room air fresheners. You can get rid of odours in a natural way with Apalus reusable purifying bags with bamboo charcoal.

This is a 100% natural refreshing solution, without chemical substances and totally respectful of the environment. Furthermore, the activated bamboo carbon helps you to purifying the air from bacteria, allergens, mold, harmful substances such as benzene, ammonia and formaldehyde. With the Apalus bags you will free the air from bad odours, but above all, from those horrible polluting particles that threaten your health every day.

purifying bags

And that's not all: Apalus bags, if well preserved, last up to two years. Want to know how it works? Easy, just expose bamboo charcoal to sunlight for about two hours at least once a month. These bags are also ready and easy to use: they feature a convenient ring and they can be hung in your car to get rid of smoke smell or in your wardrobe and preserve the freshness of your clothes.

Apalus purifying bags also work as dehumidifier your kitchen and your fridge. This is a completely natural alternative to eliminate not-too-savoury smell in the fridge. Sometimes even a clean fridge can still smell a bit off!

So what you can do? Trying wiping down the walls, shelves and door seals of your fridge with a mixture of 1tablespoon of bicarbonate of soda to 1 litre warm water. Then, to stop future smells developing, put a 200 gr purifying bag on the shelves. It should last up to 30 days before you have to put it under the sunlight to rejuvenate bamboo charcoal. Try dating the purifying bag so you remember when it’s time to expose the bag under the sun again.  

In short, in your living room, in your gym bag, in your car, in your shoe rack, in the bathroom or wherever you need a breath of fresh and clean air, Apalus natural dehumidifying bags can help!