7 Tips to Get the Most Out of your Portable Air Conditioner


window seal

In order to help you using your portable AC in the best way possible, we have collected a few useful tips. These tips have been conceived to increase the efficiency of your appliance with no extra costs.

  1. Minduful installation
We suggest that you avoid installing your portable AC in sunny areas of your house, since the heat of the sun will push the unit to work harder to keep the room at the set temperature.


Other areas to avoid are rooms with high humidity levels, since moist will create more condensation around the portable AC.

If your house suffers of diffused humidity, it can be useful to get rid of moist using a little help such as Apalus dehumidifier bags. You can place a 500 gr bag next to your AC unit to prevent condensation while in use.

2. Don’t put you AC next to the wall


The fact that your AC is portable, it gives you flexibility in the installation but it’s important to pay attention to the location we chose.

It’s very important that you leave some space between the AC and the walls, otherwise the airflow will be limited, and the cooling effects will be reduced.

  1. Install a Vent Kit

The capital factor to ensure the perfect cooling effect in your house is appropriate ventilation.

This will drive hot air out of your house and avoid temperatures going up instead of going down.

Many portable AC come with a window vent kit designed to fit most of standard-sized windows.

But, if the vent kit provided is not suitable for your window, the best option is HOOMEE window seal, a special isolating cloth that comes in different sizes and adapts to different type of windows, such as single door window, double door window, opening inwards or outwards.  

If you need to vent the portable AC through a door, you can try HOOMEE door seal.

  1. Keep the exhaust hose straight

Once installed your vent kit or your Hoomee window seal, take a look at the exhaust hose. We recommend avoiding twists, curls and crimps so that the air can flow without blocks out of the window. Sometimes it is necessary to cut the hose in order to reduce twists.

  1. Replace filters

We also recommend not forgetting replacing your filters regularly to ensure a high-quality indoor air and to increase the lifespan of your appliance.

Check your filter every 8 weeks, just to make sure that it is in proper condition. If any of your family member suffers from allergies or if you live in a particularly dusty house, we suggest that you replace and clean filters more often.

  1. Clean your Portable Air Conditioner  
To make sure that your portable AC unit works properly, it’s important to clean it periodically. Just wipe it with a wet cloth every 4-6 weeks.

Once a year, we recommend using specific products and detergents to clean coils.

  1. Store it properly at the end of summer

Once the weather gets chilly, it’s time to store your AC unit in a clean and dry area of your house. But first, disassemble your appliance, drain all the remaining water, clean all the parts in deep and cover the unit with a cloth to prevent dust.